Data hiding in gray scale images using least significant bit technique using matlab


This paper, a novel data-hiding technique based on the LSB technique of digital images is presented. Data hiding is one of best topic in secret communication. A lossless data hiding technique using LSB in images is presented in this paper. LSB data hiding technique does not affect the visible properties of the image. Steganography is art and science of hiding the fact that communication is taking place. Secrets can be hidden in all types of medium: text, audio, video and images. Steganography is an important area of research in recent years involving a number of applications. It is the science of embedding information into the cover image viz., text, video, and image (payload) without causing statistically significant modification to the cover image. The modern secure image steganography presents a challenging task of transferring the embedded information to the destination without being detected. This paper deals with hiding text in an image file using Least Significant Bit (LSB) technique. The LSB algorithm is implemented in spatial domain in which the payload bits are embedded into the least significant bits of cover image to derive the stego-image. 


The encryption and decryption using DWT and RGB pixel shuffling with steganography by using hash-least significant Bit (HLSB) that make use of hash function to developed significant way to insert data bits in LSB bits of RGB pixels of cover image .Cryptography recently includes using advanced mathematical procedures in encryption and decryption techniques. Cipher algorithms are becoming more complex daily. Asymmetric key encryption algorithms the keys used for encryption and decryption must be different. 


1. More complex.
2. Less accuracy.
3. Low PSNR and MSE.


 In this project, a data hiding method by simple LSB substitution with an optimal pixel adjustment process is proposed. The image quality of the stego-image can be greatly improved with low extra computational complexity. Extensive experiments show the effectiveness of the proposed method.


Steganography has unique advantages for net-espionage agents. Even if a file is known or suspected to contain Steganographic software, it is almost impossible to extract the information until the correct password is obtained. Steganography is beneficial for securely storing sensitive data, such as hiding system passwords or keys within other files. In places where standard cryptography and encryption is outlawed, Steganography can be used for covert data transmission.


Steganography can be used in supplementary to cryptography, watermarking and fingerprinting. Steganography can be used to conceal and transfer an encrypted document containing some acquired information in military applications.


Processor Type : Pentium -IV
Speed : 2.4 GHZ
Ram : 128 MB RAM
Hard disk                       : 20 GB HD


Operating System : Windows 7 
Software Programming Package : Matlab R2014a


Vasco Pereira and Tiago Sousa, “Evolution of Mobile Communications: from 1G to 4G”, in Proc. Of The 2nd International Working Conference on Performance Modeling and Evaluation of Heterogeneous Networks, HET-NETs’04, West Yorkshire, U.K., July 2004