Event Management System using Java


Now a day’s, the events such as festivals, wedding etc. have become a core part of life which has resulted in event planning and Management Company to rise. With the customers and events increasing at larger rate, it is difficult to manage using traditional system using spreadsheets, traditional database and more. In order to overcome the drawbacks of traditional Event Managing System, a new Smart Event Management System has been introduced which uses the modern technology of java technology various tasks and planning for employees, customer, location, transport and more. With the help of this technology, the distance between customer and management team has reduced with the Smart Web access. The project provides most of the basic functionality required for an event. It allows the user to select from a list of event types. Once the user enters an event type eg (Marriage, Dance Show etc), the system then allows the user to select the date and time of event, place and the event equipment’s. All this data is logged in the database and the user is given a receipt number for his booking. This data is then sent to the administrator (website owner) and they may interact with the client as per his requirements and his contact data stored in the database.

Functionality Performed by Admin and User:
These are the functionality performed by Admin and User

This Project has following modules,
1. Admin
2. User

Admin can Directly login with username and password
Admin add both public and private Events Venue details
Admin can see all the added Organizers details
Admin accepts user request for event 
Admin can see Customer’s Feedback
Graph is generated based on feedback
Logout for Admin
Register by giving all details
Login with username and password
User can view his/her Own Profile
Search for Event Organizers by area and cost
Book Event 
Make Advance Payment
Checks status about the request
View User history(Booking details)
Give Feedback to the booked Event
Logout for Admin and User
Reports of the project Event Management System
Report for Admin Process
Report for User process