Java Mini Application Projects In Chennai

2. Airport Authority Administration System
3. An Intelligent Job Portal
4. Application For Public Identity
5. ATM Database System
6. Automatic College Time Table Generation System
7. Automatic Question Generation Using Artificial Intelligence
8. Bike Sharing Management
9. Bill Payment Management System
10. Blood Bank Management System
11. Book Management System
12. Bus Pass Management System
13. Cab Service Management System
14. Cargo Management System In Java
15. Child Safety and Care Projects In Java
16. College Event Management
17. Company Mail Project In Java
18. Connect Globe In Java
19. Consumer Complaint Management System
20. Corporate Hospital Health Card
21. Crime Investigation System
22. Doctor And Patient Tracking System
23. E Blogs (Electronic Blogs) for Sharing with Information
24. EB Billing Management System
25. Ecommerce for Online Music Store
26. Employee Time & Attendance Management
27. Event Management System
28. Fertilizer Management
29. Gram Panachayat Management system
30. Heart Disease Prediction
31. Hotel Order Booking System
32. Location Based Ambulance And Fire Engine
33. Location Based Blood Donator 
34. Manufacturing Execution System
35. Offline Exam With Session Time
36. Online Book Store  Management Project
37. Online Cab Booking System
38. Online E-Digital Store Management
39. Online Employee Leave Management System
40. Online Examination Project
41. Online Examination Project Session Time
42. Online Job Portal
43. Online Mental Screening
44. Online Movie Ticket Booking
45. Online Organ Donation Management System
46. Online Technical Quiz 
47. Online Shopping With EMI
48. Online Voting Real Time WEBCAM IRIS Project
49. Online Voting Using Aadhar Card
50. Online Voting Using IRIS Image
51. Online Voting WEBCAM
52. Passport Application Management System(Mini)
53. Passport Application Management System(Main)
54. Patient Health Care
55. Pharmacy Management System
56. Principal Management System
57. Prison Management System
58. Attendance Management Using QR Code
59. Real Time Online Voting Real Time WEBCAM IRIS Project
60. Result Analysis For College Students
61. Resume Builder Software
62. Reusable Captcha Security Engine
63. School Recommended with Review
64. Secure File Monitoring or Intrusion Detection System
65. Secure Online Banking Project With OTP
66. Sports Management System
67. Stock Market with Profit Prediction
68. Student Academic Performance Management System
69. Student Intimation System
70. Student Staff Feedback System
71. Toll Gate Management
72. Transport Management System
73. Secure Blogs with Graphical Password