Passport Application Management System with Verification using java


The main aim of the project is to design innovative software, which deals with the passport authority management. The motto of the project is to simplify the job of the administrative people and to render a user-friendly package. The system provides information regarding the passport application and its status (enquiry). The tedious jobs such as verifying all the records of the applicant, confirming that all the personal details are furnished, submission of emigration check documents, passing of police enquiry, positive report from the previous applied section, etc., are done in the most convenient way to the administrator. Also security is being provided in the most proficient way. All the intermediate stages starting from receiving of the application form to revealing the passport number along with the dispatch of the passport are being dealt .
The passport management system project is developed in vb as front end and ms access as back end. This project is developed to manage the passport applications, passport renewals, complaints, processing and issue of passports. This project has main login system. The administrator will enter the username and password to login to the system. If the username and password are correct, it will open the next form. If the entered details are not correct, it will show the error message.
The member’s passport applications will be entered by the administrator. The administrator will check entered details and accept or reject the application. The status can be viewed by the administrator.
The members can make complaint to the administrator through complaint form. The administrator can view all complaints process the solution. The members renewal application to the administrator through the renew application portal. The administrator can renew or reject the renewal request. The status of the renewal updated in the database.

1. Login
2. View Applications of User
3. Approve Appointment
4. Fix Appointment
5. Logout
1. Register
2. Login
3. Apply Passport
4. View Status.
5. Logout

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