Thu. Jun 20th, 2024


1. A Conceptual Framework For IOT-Based Health Care System Using Cloud Computing 
2. IOT Based Water Level Meter For Alerting Population About Floods 
3. Smart Real-Time Healthcare Monitoring And Tracking System Using GSM/GPS Technologies
4. Self-Configuration And Smart Binding Control On IOT Applications 
5. Enhanced Fingerprinting And Trajectory Prediction For IOT Localization In Smart Buildings
6. Co-GPS: Energy Efficient GPS Sensing With Cloud Offloading
7. An Integrated Cloud-Based Smart Home Management System With Community Hierarchy
8. A Cyber – Physical System For Environmental Monitoring
9. Managing Contingencies In Smart Grids Via The Internet Of Things 
10. Internet Of Things Based Garbage Monitoring System 
11. Automated Control System For Air Pollution Detection In Vehicles Using IOT 
12. GPRS Terminals For Reading Fiscal Registers
13. Implementation Of Children Tracking System On Android Mobile Terminals
14. Use Of Ultrasonic Signal Coding And Pir Sensors To Enhance The Sensing Reliability Of An Embedded Surveillance System 
15. RFID Technology For IOT-Based Personal Healthcare In Smart Spaces 
16. On Line Monitoring And Quality Checking  Of Materials On Conveyor 
17. Development Of Multi-Functional Sensor Module For Energy Saving Air Conditioner System
18. Route Planning And User Interface For An Advanced Intelligent Transport System 
19. Automatic Lighting System Using Multiple Robotic Lamps 
20. Design Of An Intelligent Security Robot For Collision Free Navigation Applications 
21. GSM Controlled Robotics
22. Assistive Clothing Pattern Recognition For Visually Impaired People 
23. Design And Development Of Weather Monitoring Flying Machine 
24. Electronic Passport And The Future Of Government Issued RFID Based Identification 
25. Solar Power Wireless Monitoring System Based On Arm7
26. The Research On Zigbee (IOT) Baed Mine Safety Monitoring System
27. Agricultural Ecosystem Monitoring Based On Autonomous Sensor Systems
28. An Interactive RFID-Based Bracelet For Airport Luggage Tracking Withy Airport Security System
29. Bidirectional Medication Support System For Medical Staff And Home Care Patients
30. Ethernet Enabled Digital Io Control In Embedded Systems
31. Menu Recommender To Enhance Customer Service And Improve Restaurant Industry


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