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An intelligent hospital information management system was developed to assist the patient at the front desk of a hospital. The patient will be able to learn about the doctors, appointment times, relevant departments, laboratory tests and the specific medicine about his/her medical situation. System will provide an intelligent front desk information service for the patients at the hospital entrance. It will also provide software assistance for the doctors to diagnose easily and rapidly by using the program’s decision mechanism.

Developed system is a comprehensive, integrated information system designed to manage the administrative, financial and clinical aspects of a hospital. As an area of medical informatics, the aim of the system is to achieve the best possible support of patient care and administration by electronic data processing.
This encompasses paper-based information processing as well as data processing machines. Laboratory information system is a class of software which handles receiving, processing and storing information generated by medical laboratory processes. The world is moving to internet so this is the right time to think about this. I have checked some hospital management system on internet and some local programs that the hospital stuffs are using near me. They are also very well designed and have rich features too but nothing for the patients to be happy about is there. If we compare the benefits and the satisfaction form every point of view then we cannot conclude things beneficial for all. If a system does not provide help for every user group then it cannot be perfect system. o We came out a long way with maximizing benefit for all. Still there are a lot of things that can be added but at this point this is the most we can expect. 

 One of the greatest disadvantages is related to the security. It is a common matter of concern, if you go online without enough protection that can create big security problem. The data breach is one of the greatest problems of health care industry and is considered as the most sophisticated problem.
 Another thing is lack of employment. When the system becomes automated the chances of employment becomes less or need of the manual drafting of data becomes irrelevant.
 The process of software implementation is a tough task. Anyhow the process of getting training properly is another difficulty. It has been found that it is important to learn everything regarding the software for utilizing it to the maximum. So apart from integrating the software for your organizational need, make sure that the employees are well trained on that.  

User Groups: There are three categories for users. The features will vary depending on your user type. You will be able to perform certain task in a category which may not be necessary for other categories. 
1. Management: Management has the power to create user profile both for patients and doctors. They will be responsible for approving appointments and monitor through pending test reports. They will have the most important things to do. As many important things will depend on their action. 
2. Patient: Patients are normal users like us. We will be able to browse through available doctors and ask for appointments. We can also check our previous history. The patient’s functionality is limited based on their need. They will only be able to change their personal information and other things. Obviously they can look for their desired doctors to request an appointment. 
3. Doctor: Doctors can check appointments and also set appointment by their own. They can start prescribing their patients by clicking the appointment list. It will directly lean them for the prescription page. The prescription page has a lot of automated features for the doctor to set things and assign to their patients. Every field that is necessary for a doctor to make a perfect prescription is available.  

1) Anyhow the integration of the software into our system has made the communication more effective in the health care system. So as a result every data can be accessed any anywhere through authorized log in. Apart from all these the mode of communication has become much cheaper. It has become like no report will be delayed from reaching the right hand of the authorities.
2) Many limitations have been minimized with the effective use of the technology.  It has been found that geographical limitation in the biggest issue in health care system. This has been intellectually managed with the addition of hospital management system. The reports can be sent through email, instant messages and so no one miss out an evaluation because of that.
3) Here, the information is available 24 hrs, throughout a week. This means the reports can be sent anytime on any day. So the possibility of delay in getting treatment no more sustain as a problem.
4) Another advantage of the hospital management system is cost effectiveness as well as improved productivity. We know how productive a thing a can be managed automatically when compared with old day manual set up.
5) Many modification has been brought to the system and the most important thing is the change in the education system. This has given shape to new kind of the system as well.

 Operating System            :   WINDOWS
 Simulation Tool               :    OPENCV PYTHON
 Documentation               :   Ms-Office

 CPU type                                  :    Intel Pentium 4
 Clock speed                              :    3.0 GHz
 Ram size                                   :    512 MB
 Hard disk capacity                    :    80 GB
 Monitor type                             :    15 Inch colour monitor
 Keyboard type                          :     Internet keyboard
 CD -drive type                          :     52xmax

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