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Hospital Management system includes registration of patients, storing their disease details into the system. It will also contain doctor’s information and will digitalize the whole billing system. My software has the facility to give a unique id for every patient and stores the details of every patient and staff automatically. It includes a search facility to know the current status of each room. User can search availability of a doctor and the details of a patient using the id. The Hospital Management System can be used by entering respective username and password. It is accessible either by an administrator or receptionist. Only the respective person can add data in the database. The data can be retrieved easily. The interface is very user-friendly. The data are well protected and data processing is very fast, accurate and relevant.

Hospital is an organization that mobilizes the skills and efforts of a widely divergent group of professionals, semi-professionals, professional’s personnel, to provide highly personalized personnel services to patients. World health Organization (WHO) has defined hospital as an integral part of social and medical organization that provides the complete curative and preventive health care and treatment to people. Hospitals are the focal points of education for the health professionals and clinical research necessary for advancement of medicine. Thus, the hospital is one of the most complexes of all administrative organizations. The main purpose of the hospital is to provide adequate care and treatment to the people. Various operational works that are done in a hospital include: recording information about the Patients, generating bill, recording information related to diagnosis given to Patients, Keeping record of the Immunization provided to patient, Keeping information about various diseases and medicines available to cure them etc. All these works are done in most hospitals on papers. The need for proper management of the health sector leads to the creation of an electronic means of keeping records, administering discharge, querying of data, prescription helper and also good accountability. Information technology in general enables intra organizational networking that facilitates effective information flow within the various units of a firm.

The information flow used is a one directional system where the receptionist refers patient to doctors, doctors referring patients to the pharmacist either in or out patients and the same way out. The system that is currently being used in the hospital is entirely manual. When a patient requests drugs from the staff, all the information is recorded manually from the drug dispenser (Pharmacist). Similarly when the supplier delivers drugs all the information from the dispenser to the account on drugs is recorded manually. The following are the weaknesses of the current system at the hospital:
1. The hospital staff finds it tiresome and time consuming when computing patient data, drug supplier and staff Payment receipts and voucher cards this leads to delay in medical reports. 
2. The hospital Administration currently uses health record files for storing patients and drug supplier’s information. This system of information storage is susceptible to security problems such as illegal modification and update of records.
3. The Staff usually waste a lot of time in retrieving data. 
4. The paper work reduce the efficiency of the System.

The proposed system is divided into Receptionist’s module, Doctor’s module and Pharmacist’s module. 

Receptionist’s module:
CREATE DATA ACCOUNT -A Patient ID is assigned for new patients o VERIFY USER – For an existing patient, “Patient ID”is verified to check for the validity of the account PRG (Payment Receipt Generator) – this assigns a receipt from the voucher generated by the doctor. o Search Engine: To search for the patient’s data (both payment records and also account authenticity) Inbox: an advanced feature that will manage messages received from the medical superintendent. 

Doctor’s module:
 CREATE DATA ACCOUNT (For new patients, a “Unique No” is assigned for medical records on behalf of the patient. 
 VERIFY USER: Verifying “Registration No” is assigned to the patient if coming as an existing patient in the hospital. Just as to check for the validity of the account) 
 HRE (Health Record Entry) a link or a function where patient’s records will be inputted either inpatients or outpatients
 (LMM) Lab Module Manager takes care of common laboratory test performed in the hospital

1. Achieve Good Quality Scores
2. Better Financial Management
3. Avoiding Errors & Tracking every detail
4. Improve Clinical decisions
5. Augment Data Security
6. Automate hospital Management


Operating System            :   WINDOWS
Simulation Tool                :    OPENCV PYTHON
Documentation               :   Ms-Office

CPU type                                  :    Intel Pentium 4
Clock speed                              :    3.0 GHz
Ram size                                 :    512 MB
Hard disk capacity                    :    80 GB
Monitor type                             :    15 Inch
colour monitorKeyboard type   :   Internet keyboard
CD -drive type                          :     52xmax

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