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The Online Organ Donation Management System (OODMS) is developed mainly for general hospitals (GH), clinics and other health centers to manage the donor registration and user maintenance. It is an online system which only can be access or valid in Malacca state. The public can retrieve information about organ donation in this web site. People who interested can register themselves through this system. The application will be processed by the administrator and each donor will receive feedback about their application status. Furthermore, the authorized user s account will be maintained by the administrator. The donor record will be managed by four main users such as administrator, doctor, medical assistant and management staff. Only administrator has the authority and privileges to print organ list report and total donation report according to district from this system. The methodology of this system is Structured System Analysis and Design (SSADM). An analysis study has been done based on the current manual system and all the problems statements and requirements have been identified. Moreover, OODMS is three tier architecture system which involves client tier, business tier and database management tier. The interfaces for OODMS have been designed according to the requirement and needs of the current market Rather than that, this system also has been tested and evaluated in real life. This Online Organ Donation Management System will help to improve the performance of current situation and overcome the problems that arise nowadays.
Functionality performed by Admin and User:These are the functionality performed by admin and user.

This project has following modules,

1. Admin can directly login
2. Admin can view all Users Information
3. Admin can view Users Search History
4. Admin can also Search organs
5. Logout for Admin

1. User can Search for organ
2. Send request to decrypt the search result
3. Registration link is sent to User’s mail id.
4. After registration, user can Login with username and password
5. User also can donate organs by filling the form.
6. Logout for User

Reports of the project Organ Donation Management System
• Reports for Admin process
• Reports for User Process

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