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The main aim of the project is the management of the database of the pharmaceutical shop. This project is insight into the design and implementation of a Pharmacy Management System. This is done by creating a database of the available medicines in the shop. The primary aim of pharmacy management system is to improve accuracy and enhance safety and efficiency in the pharmaceutical store. The aim of this project is to develop software for the effective management of a pharmaceutical store. We have developed this software for ensuring effective policing by providing statistics of the drugs in stock. 
The database is then connected to the main program by using interconnection of the Visual Basic program and the database already created. Pharmacy management system is useful to maintain correct database by providing an option to update the drugs in stock. This is pharmacy management system; it is used to manage most pharmacy related activities in the pharmacy.  
Pharmacy management system is a management system that is designed to improve accuracy and to enhance safety and efficiency in the pharmaceutical store. This program can be used in any pharmaceutical shops having a database to maintain. It is a computer based system which helps the Pharmacist to improve inventory management, cost, medical safety etc. The software used can generate reports, as per the user’s requirements. Using this pharmacy management system user is also able to generate report within a specified period of time. 
The system allows the user to enter a manufacturing and expiry date for a particular product or drug during opening stock and sales transaction. The software can print invoices, bills, receipts etc. It can also maintain the record of supplies sent in by the supplier. The system will also give report showing the list of products expiry after a specified date before the product eventually expires. The system services and goals are established by consultation with system user. It also involves manual entry upon arrival of new batches of drugs and upon drug movement out of the pharmacy for a certain period. Pharmacy management system is being build. 
Pharmacy management system is robust, integrated technology. every month, the pharmacist may want to generate report for the movement of drugs in and out of the pharmacy, getting information about the drugs e.g. expiry date, date purchased, number of drug type left, location of a drug in the pharmacy. Pharmacy management system deals with the maintenance of drugs and consumables in the pharmacy unit. This pharmacy management system is user friendly. 



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