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The need for secure storage of data has become a necessity of our time. Medical Records, Financial records and legal information are all in need of secure storage. In the era of globalization and dynamic world economies, data outsourcing environment, since data is under the custody of third party web servers. In present system, third party can access and view data even though they are not authorized to do so. This may lead to serious data theft, tampering or data leakages cause server business loss to data owner. In this project “File Intrusion Detection System” I have proposed a novel solution to detect the intrusion. I describe a File Intrusion Detection System that detect and records significant (stable ) points in lectures by sampling and analyzing a sequence of screen capture frames from a PC. Auto Capture PC is a powerful computer monitoring system. It record all viewed windows and start monitoring automatically at software start-up. It runs in an invisible mode. Finally it generated the activities of the PC.

Functionality performed by Admin & user


1. Admin
2. User


1. Login
2. View Captured File
3. Delete the Viewed files


1. Register
2. Login
3. View Files
4. Take Screen shot 
5. Record
6. Logout

Report  of  Secure file monitoring system

• Report  of  admin process
• Report  of  User  process

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